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Life is really all about the "...fellowship of the Mystery kept secret since the world began." Science and the Bible are the keys that unlocks the truth of the Ancient Alien Theory. You can know the truth and that truth will set you free.
Studies in The TRUTH - There is only one REALITY or Truth. Many believe that reality is relative. truth Unfortunately, like ignoring a bomb or waking from a dream, reality cannot be ignored or hidden. Your belief in a lie does not make it the truth. Attempts to navigate with a false map will only get you lost! Your destiny depends on living in the truth. Studies in The WAY - Monarchy, Fascism, Communism or even Democracy have fought to rule the land. Great World Wars and countless smaller ones have consumed multi-millions of human lives, like some great Beast of Horror. This beast, for those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear, is quite real. He has raped, killed and slaughtered troughout time in a GREAT WAR to destory THE WAY of righteousness. Ultimately, your soul is in the balance.Which Way do you choose? Studies in The LIFE You can climb the mountains of Tibet and talk to as many Gurus as you like, but the meaning of life can only be found in JESUS CHRIST. Life is not found in "drug, sex and rock n roll" It's not found in money, beauty or even education. Who knows better how to live our lives than the creator. Who knows better about real life and death than our creator.


Who are the Ancient Aliens?  What happened to them? Were did they come from?  What does the Bible say about them? What was their impact on humanity and our destiny?  

Ancient Aliens: the Mystery kept secret since the world began?
"Rom 16:25 Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began"

The destiny of humanity was designed to prove the love of God even in the midst of a great conflict between extra terrestrial beings. The human genome and life itself is not how God originally planned it but a result of extra terrestrial manipulation and degradation. This is the key to the mystery kept secret since the world began.(Eph 3:9)

The world blunders in confusion because largely the academic and industrial science institutions confuse the origins of human destiny and purpose. Their aversion to faith and their exclusion of God confuses their efforts to understand this Mystery keep secret since the world began. The Deliberate Design of Destiny explores the reason people, society and nations do not comprehend creationís design and purpose and become doomed to confusion and chaos. It explains how this ignorance allows the enemy of God to manipulate the world of men unto a destiny of destruction.

Soon, if not now we will be facing the End of Times as the bible calls it. The Book takes you from the beginning of time all the way end of time as the plan of God unfolds into a destiny we all face. The Bible, ancient calendars, ancient traditions, the precession of the equinox and even science point a New Age. Its time to understand the mystery hidden in Godís creation since the world began (Eph 3:9 and Rom 16:25)

Theodore Green explores God's design and purpose behind creation as he deals with fallen dominions and powerful ancient and historical civilizations that are the roots of world in chaos. The book reveals shocking facts about true ancient history, creation and the miracle power of the word of God. Your world will never be the same once the mystery kept secret since the world began is revealed.