The bible is not a textbook of science or history per se. It rarely answers the question "How?". Whether we are talking creation, the tower of babble or Jonah in the fish, God simply says he did it. It is and always has been the plan of God that the bible be believed by faith and trust to be useful. (See the meaning of life under the LIFE section). This is not to say that there is no evidence or basis of belief for the events and acts of the Bible. God would not create intelligent beings to be fools. Yet because of the very nature of time, creation and life we will ultimately have to believe and trust in a "theory". Theories do abound. There is Darwinism to explain creation, The Lucifer Principle to explain evil, Freudian psychology to explain mind and soul. Not even science can Prove why or who created the Universe and all that is in it.

Science, on the other hand, rarely answers the question "Who?". It is founded on the discovery of fact, principle and laws of nature. AS such science holds to a very high standard for one of these to be proved it must be observable and repeatable. To wit, creation and indeed, all of unrecorded history, cannot be proven for it cannot be observed and repeated. For example, dinosaurs exsited. We know that because their bones are observable and repeatedly found. On the other hand, what they exactly looked like or how they lived or how long ago they lived will always be just a theory. In like manner, Darwin`s Theory of Evolution is just that, a theory. It is Like any myth or theory. It cleverly weaves facts with assumptions into a believable hypothesis or story. A story which may or may not be true. History is replete with myths, theories and stories on creation and Gods.
Humanity is very imaginative and zealful. They have developed theory or myth to answer these questions of creation and mysteries of the Universe since the beginning of time. Whether it is the myth of Atlas holds the world on his shoulders or the middle age myth of the earth as the center of the universe or Darwin`s evolution mankind has been given something to believe base on the authority and knowledge of the era. This authority uses it`s educational and political clout to found this theory as fact to the populace so it may continue and advance it`s philosophy and make money. In other words myth or theory is used to pave the way for money. For example, in the middle ages the Catholic church made millions based on people believing and carrying out their philosophical beliefs though missions and conquest. The Romans believed their founders to be raised by wolves and their rulers Gods so as further their empire. Today, millions of dollars are being and going to be made based on the belief that Science is God so we can manipulate DNA and the environment and the public to the authorities liking.
What you believe and support will and can cost you. The Chruch persecuted Galileo for his belief in the Earth rotates around the Sun, among other discoveries. Today, creation scientists are persecuted with lack of public funds and excommunication from academia for their beliefs. Yet, despite the hardships we as individual should strive for the knowledge of the truth. "What is truth?" as Pilate so famously asked over 2000 years ago as he stood looking at Jesus square in the face. Sadly for him and for millions today we are not able to recognize it. Having ears we do not hear and having eyes we do not see says Jesus many times (Mat 13:15) Many are blinded. They allow money, pride and prejudice to blind them from the truth.

Truth should lead science and not the other way around. In the interest of truth shoud not all theory be check for vaiablity and funded a not just dismissed because it goes "against" another theory? However, christian founded theory on Neanderthal, ageing, and earth history, etc base on bible and science go no where!!(Please check out ) How Long will people contiunue to walk the halls of archeolgy,anthropolgy and geology blinded
Blinded by what?? By Science? No, Science is a blessing and made by God. Unfortunately, Science has often been misused in the present era. From atomic bombs and germ warfare to "snake oil" medicine and pesticides science has been used both purposely and accidentally to kill and put in danger millions. Likewise many are blinded by the misuse of science by evolutionists, atheists and agnostics alike. These prey upon people who put to much trust in science because of all the great wonders of this age. They prey upon the human desire to believe he is God and ruler of his own destiny. They prey upon a people programmed by the authorities such a school and Universities and academia. Ironically, it is these same institution that "brainwashed" the masses to church dogma and doctrine in the middle ages and lead to such persecution of science and medicine.

Let`s put away for a moment our preconceived beliefs that Evolution is science and fact and the bible is myth. Let`s not just accept our teachers or textbook word for it. Let Compare the basis of belief for both Evolution and the bible as we seek the truth. Then found our belief again in our hearts, remembering that either theory, Evolution or God`s word, is accepted on faith. Neither theory can be observed or repeated today.